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Easy Ways to Make Your Office Look Expensive and Luxurious


Office design and build experts employ different methods to make an office look expensive and luxurious. Decorating an office is not a cheap job and no one knows it better than office design fit-out consultancy experts. 


Interior design services have to put together furniture space planning, furniture customization, and furniture installation in the right mix to get the expensive and luxurious look for offices. Let us see some straight tips from interior design company experts to give your office that luxurious look.


Tip #1: If your office resides in a period building, then you can make the most of the architectural and period features to help create a feeling of luxury in your office design. To create luxury interiors, you can paint features in a colour that contrasts with the walls and ceiling and make them stand out. You can use a chandelier to enhance this period look. The visitors’ eyes will be drawn towards the ceiling and the beauty of the entire space will come into view.


Tip #2: It is a good idea to avoid standard office lighting designs and instead opt for pendants and chandeliers as well as table lights, wall lights, bookshelf lighting and niche spotlighting. Corporate office interior design experts will refrain from overusing spots as it is likely to create a standard commercial look devoid of luxury. Feature the best-fit lighting to give it a luxurious and expensive look. 


Tip #3: Including a few feature furniture pieces like bookcases or dividers on shelves with suitable accessories and plants placed at different spots in the office makes for an expensive look. Furniture space planning experts would help to get this done for you with suitable furniture manufacturing agencies and keep a sense of flow in the office spaces. It is all about installing the right items for your office space that will make it look luxurious. 


Tip #4: For every chair in your office, make it a point to use luxurious upholstery that is soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on. If the fabric chosen is velvet, the look is expensive. 


Tip #5:  Corporate interior fit out consultants will advise the use of different-looking but interesting door handles on cupboard units to give a luxurious look. Detail is important and you can pick such architectural hardware from specialised interior design stores. These handles should contain a considerable amount of detailing and you can also choose antique-looking light switches to lend a plush look to the interiors. You can choose options with metal finishes, such as brass, rather than standard finishes for enhanced appearances.


Tip #6: Interiors design services experts would advise you to change the flooring if you are looking to bring in an expensive or luxurious appearance. Using timber flooring in interesting patterns with marble inlays or borders and having brass trims add a luxury touch. Combining chevron-patterned timber flooring with antique bronze trims in two different widths together with a marble border brings in a smart luxury look for an otherwise standard office.


Tip #7: Using the right paints and colours lends an impact that makes any ordinary space look expensive and plush. Hence, it is important to paint office walls with the right colours to give them the luxurious look that you would want. Whether you require an intense hue or a calm shade for your office walls, depends on the nature of the office work and its occupants. Go for velvet or plastic emulsion paints when choosing the type of paint. Deep shades of Prussian and Royal blue give the walls an expensive look. A gloss finish for the wall paint is a good idea. 


Tip #8: Use curtains, both solid and sheer, wherever appropriate rather than blinds to remove the stereotypical office look. Curtains lend a plush residential look and add to the expensive feel.


Tip #9: Some interior solutions experts suggest that you use wallpaper rather than paint in specific key areas to add texture to the walls and give an enriched look to the surfaces. Statement wallpapers in the reception area are a good spot to start with. Another way to add a rich texture is to add panelling and have the wallpaper applied within the panels. This is a simple way to create a luxurious look. With a restrained budget, wallpaper with timber or marble effect can create an instantaneous luxurious look.


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