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Thamvos interiors symbolizes the epitome of everlasting perfection which groves in to the formation of a cohesive unit where the idea of an interior plan is transformed into a beautiful reality.” We are an interior Design & Turnkey fit out company. Specializing in interior Projects for commercial and Residential properties. We undertake all kinds of turnkey fit out Jobs and contracts.

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Workplace Consultancy

Thamvos Interiors is a workspace interior design expert who develops modern office concepts and work environments that help employees work better and smarter. As a leading consultant in the field, we focus on the challenges like tailored office and room concepts, converting our customers' current space into a creative and productive one.

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Office Design

Thamvos Interiors are workplace designers who support your business to create bespoke office designs. It is very important to get the office design plan right from the beginning itself, as it will affect the overall impression of your business. We are an experienced, forward-thinking company that offers a full range of design services that bring life to your interiors. We specialise in modern office designs that are suitable for small as well as large organisations making your team visible to your audience.

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Office Fit Out

With a perfect modern office fit out, you can create your own innovative workspace. The range of services that we offer can transform or reimagine your workspace. Your office interior space can be made suitable for occupation. We take care of all the electrical, mechanical, decorating and furnishing work. The main difference between an office fit out and an office refurbishment is that the former involves taking the shell of a building and creating bespoke office spaces, while the latter is a renovation that is carried out on an existing office.

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Office Refurbishment

Thamvos Interiors is one of the best office refurbishment companies in Dubai, UAE. Transforming spaces into a highly cost-efficient workplace is a challenging task. Because workplace quality directly relates to employee behavior, which leads to great business results. We are eager to take every step for your office space, from concept design to furnishing.

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Office Furniture

Thamvos Interiors is an interior design company that provides interior solutions for every commercial space. We are proud to provide versatile and exceptional office workspaces for our clients. We also provide luxury interior design and fit out services, along with office furniture like workstations, desks, and office chairs. Our tailored workplace settings are suitable for every organization. If you are in search of world-class interior furniture supply solutions, then Thamvos Interiors, which is a market leader among the fit out companies, is the final answer. For office interior design consultancy too, you can approach us.

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Sustainable Offices

Sustainable offices are environmentally friendly offices that create functional spaces that are cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient. Sustainable design can be described as a responsible design that facilitates the responsible reuse and redistribution of material assets. Thamvos Interiors provides a wide range of sustainable workplace services which can maximise your assets' value and have a positive impact on the environment.

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At Thamvos Interiors, we transform ordinary commercial offices into spaces that are lively. As Dubai’s best interior design contractors, we elevate not just spaces but brands. We understand that your organisation is unique. That's why we tailor interior work uniquely for you. We are an interior design company in Dubai who specialises in all types of interior work, including CNC cutting, Electro-Mechanical works, Plumbing & Sanitary, Tile & Masonry, Plaster and Cladding, Painting and Contracting, False Ceiling, Aluminium or Composite, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel, and Air Conditioning services. For more information about interior designs in Dubai, you can visit or contact us.

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