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Factors to Consider for Office Fit-Out and Refurbishment in Dubai


If you are planning an office fit-out in the UAE for your running business, you may need to consider a few important factors to get the final design that you want. Let us see what these factors are.


Fit-out construction is the term that refers to preparing an interior space that you have chosen for the occupation. Now, if your business belongs to another domain and not interior design, it is recommended that your office interior design is best left to a professional interior designing company in Dubai that would know the ins and outs of the game. This can allow you to concentrate on the core aspects of your business after telling them your requirements. It is good to pick out a firm that also works as industrial interior design suppliers. This would get you the best rates for the high-quality materials they will supply. 


The bare space of your office interiors allows you to better imagine the kind of office and the commercial fit-out you would want to have for your business. 


What does Office fit-out in the UAE entail?

Office fit-out services in Dubai typically start their work by adding fittings and resources to specific interiors of the building where your office space is located. 


Companies involved in office fit-out consultancy in Dubai use three design categories to carry out this work. Commercial property would fall into the shell and core or Category A or Category B types. Let us see what each of these interior design fit-out types is. Though buildings may appear to have all conveniences when viewed from the outside, a majority of them do not have essentials such as heating/cooling conveniences, power connections, lighting connections, and interior walls. It is best to choose the type that fits your individual and business requirements. 


Shell and Core Fit-out services 


These office fitout solutions involve the total construction plan for the interior development of this space that you will later occupy. All the tasks for installation of false ceilings, installations of floorings, walls, and partitions, utilities and services connections, installation of windows and doors and furnishings are all included in modern office interior design


This is one of the most commonly sought–after types that office fitout solutions companies encounter. This is usually done on bare spaces that are inside finished buildings. Shell and core fit-out is the type that offers the most creative freedom to furniture space fit-out consultancy companies. This is also perfect for those companies that need to furnish and set up a large office space. 


When to go for Category A Fit-out


A suitable interior fitout company can be engaged if you want a Category A fit-out. A commercial space that is ready to be rented out will require a category A fit-out. Such a space is usually functional but for the presence of a few secondary features such as toilets, raised access floors, HVAC systems, grid ceilings, fire protection systems and electrical outlets. A business can move in after a category A fitout after which you can go in for a category B fitout. 


Why should you do Category B fitout


A category B fitout is the one that takes care of setting up your business image. Anything that is missed out in Category A is filled in the category B phase. In addition to the gap-filling processes, this phase is the aesthetic one and you can contact luxury office interiors furnishing companies who have experience in modern office interior design


These interior fitout companies in the UAE would add the requisite furniture, add suitable flooring, dress up the windows, do the painting of the interiors, install the lighting in the space, install partitions, and put up signage and other branding components. 


While there are many modern office interior design companies, you should keep points such as your company culture, the team size, your company work ethics, and protocols when you find your best-suited Category B fit-out company.


Choosing the best interior design fit-out consultancy in Dubai will decide the final quality and the design of your office layout. Ensure that the interior designing company in Dubai is experienced to do the work that you require for your office space. This is a serious matter as your office space will be the face of your business for some years to come. 


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