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Modern Design Trends in 2023


Choosing the appropriate lifestyle interiors or corporate office interior design Dubai is not an easy task. This is because interior design trends keep changing and new designs, fashions, and themes become popular every year. New interior design trends in 2023 include tactile design, environment-friendly materials, earthy tones, soothing color schemes, and classic effects, among others. A reputed interior design company in Dubai will provide you with the best advice in this regard.

Textured Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important aspects when decorating spaces. Unique wallpapers, glass-panelled windows and doors, and intriguing tile designs may be popular choices, but textured furniture is the latest trend. Consult with an office fit-out expert in Dubai, when picking up metal or wood furniture so that it can be ensured that the texture complements the interior design and makes the space more appealing.

Light Wood

Whether you are decorating your workspace interiors and looking for environmentally friendly market trends, any reputed interior design expert in Dubai will advise you to opt for light wood. It is a great fit for most decor motifs – rustic, vintage, modern, or minimalist.

Open Floor Plans

When it comes to design, a leading interior designing company in Dubai will recommend that you opt for an open floor layout as it is the most popular option among contemporary trends. Whether you are getting the interior done for your residential or commercial space, the open option helps to create a connected environment. As such, this could be one of the top interior trends for 2023.

Warm and Earthy Colours

Luxury interiors of office spaces must reflect warmth and comfort. This is best achieved by choosing appropriate colours. The latest trend in this area is opting for warm and earthy colour tones to make great colour statements in home decor. This is an effective tip to create luxury office interiors.

Abstract Pieces

According to interior experts in Dubai, abstract pieces are likely to become the interior decor trend in 2023. Many designers of commercial interiors and lifestyle interiors opine that abstract pieces that make a statement are considered must-have items in living and commercial spaces along with the minimalistic design concept. When it comes to statement pieces, curvy seats, remarkable ornamental items, abstract light fixtures, and surrealistic forms are all very popular.

With the help of abstract things available in your area, you can create unique office  decor. Pieces can even include conceptual elements in different vivid colours. Besides, abstract items often come in different patterns, colours, shapes, and styles, offering a multitude of options to incorporate them into the interior design.

Excellent Artworks

One of the top design trends in 2023 is the use of uplifting artwork that blends with the interior décor of offices. This is because modern-day artists are adept at creating incredible pieces of art. When creating a commercial space interior design, you can either include a remarkable wall painting or get original and totally unique art done.

Environment-friendly Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to spend more time at home. Most people find it irritating when they have to work sitting in cluttered spaces. Furthermore, many people opt for eco-friendly interior designs. The workforce is back in the office now, but this trend of eco-friendly interior designs still prevails.

Coming up with cool, eco-friendly, and quiet designs is a challenging task. You can consult with an interior furniture and joinery services agency to transition the interior of your office from a cluttered environment to a more sophisticated one.

Rugs or Carpets in Lively Shades

When creating modern designs for interiors in UAE, the best approach to make them appealing is to include attractive carpets or rugs. The good news is that today’s rugs and carpets industry offers unique and diverse designs. This means you will have distinct choices that can be added to complement your home décor.

Multifunctional Spaces 

If you check with a trustworthy company that offers interior consultation services, they will tell you that the latest trend in interior design is creating multifunctional spaces. This trend is fast becoming a common trend among residential and commercial properties. People are looking for office fitout solutions providers who can design a space that can be used for multiple purposes.

Fabrics and Colours

Choose appropriate colours of wall paints, furniture, curtains, blinds, cushions, lampshades, and accessories like table covers. Try out different wall colours and choose ones that do not affect the natural lighting of the room. The colours of all the elements that form part of the interior design should be chosen in such a way that each one complements the other. Even the fabric of the curtains can greatly impact the interior décor.

Thamvos Interiors

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