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Top 10 Major Office Furnishing Trends for 2023


The last three years have seen drastic changes in the way office spaces have changed their appearance in Dubai. The pandemic played a major part in the way office spaces were rehashed. Social distancing forced a new way of planning office interior design.

Once the restrictions were lifted, there were newer transformations. Office-fit-out solutions in Dubai have also changed. This blog will attempt to bring you various office furnishing trends that will be prevalent in 2023.  

#1: Hybrid

This is a major furnishing trend brought about by the pandemic and the subsequent "work-from-home" culture. Hybrid workspaces came into style when people went back to work and social distancing was still in vogue.

Furnishing for hybrid work is much more than simply removing desks from a crowded room or adding a breakout area. Hybrid offices are outfitted by rethinking how people will use the office in this mode.

An expert interior fit-out company in Dubai would tell you that important considerations include how they communicate, the size of each of their teams, and how frequently they communicate. They will then design the office space to facilitate these requirements.

#2: Open layouts

More offices are turning into open office space designs. Modern office interior design includes more open spaces. So much so that most offices today eliminate any physical barriers between two workstations. 

Open spaces have been observed to increase collaboration and improve creative thinking. This office interior trend is followed by most companies that are involved in office fit-out in the UAE. This also removes all communication barriers between any two individuals or departments. Another reason why this interior furnishing trend is likely to become popular is that it is cost-effective.

#3: Variety in the workspace

Office joinery services in Dubai have recognised that office workers are increasingly expressing a desire for more variety in their working environments. Additionally, many workers are looking for comfortable areas in offices that are distraction-free so that they can carry out their work with more focus.

Workspace interiors now include single–person pods or single-person work booths with a high level of acoustic comfort. Office interiors sometimes contain a library in the area where the workers jam together during their free time. Colourful and comfortable seating is the trend in modern offices.

#4: Sustainable designs

It is not about luxury office interiors any more. Most workspace interiors are going the eco-friendly way and looking at sustainability. Biophilic designs for office interiors are common now. They use natural elements in the design, such as building a roof window, leaving open spaces in the middle of the office with a tree at the centre, or even placing potted plants in the right spots. These bring you a step closer to nature.

#5: Sound absorption in place 

With more office fit-out consultancy companies in Dubai designing open office solutions, sound absorption solutions have to be in place. Appropriate soft materials and surfaces that can absorb sound are becoming more popular.

Modern office interior design companies use a wide array of products to dampen sounds, such as more plants, noise-cancelling headphones, carpets on the floor, acoustic wall panels, and appropriate flooring materials.

#6: Colour and patterns 

Colours affect an individual’s mood and subsequent behaviour. Interior design experts in Dubai advise on the right colours for office interiors that would take a company’s brand forward. Office interior solutions nowadays have wall colours that can make a person calm, feel happy, or inspire trust.

It is not only about the colour of the walls and the flooring. It could also be bold geometric motifs on the tabletops. Even modern office furniture is coloured to influence the workers’ moods. The variety is staggering.

#7: Natural light

Natural light filtering into the workspace makes the workers less tired and less irritable. Modern office interior design incorporates natural light in many different ways.

  • Smart glass panels instead of cubicle walls

  • Minimalist furniture with clean lines and edges allows light to enter the spaces.

  • A reflective surface to enhance the effect of natural light

#8: Large-format Graphics

"Big is also beautiful," and this is true of most office walls. A modern interior design company in Dubai would recommend using the walls to display your company’s logo, a map, or inspirational quotes on the office walls. This is the trend. These interior solutions go a long way in carrying your company’s brand to your loyal customers. Large-format graphics can be used in signage, maps, way-finding panels, walls, etc.

#9: Leisure spaces

Leisure spaces in offices are becoming increasingly common. There are kitchens, game rooms, libraries, and lounges where the employees unwind. Workspace interiors, especially leisure spaces, and their design can have a huge impact on contributing to your company’s culture and branding.

A leisure space can also be designed to draw the worker to a place away from the desk. From ping pong tables to indoor basketball courts, you can add a lot of variety to help your employees unwind.

#10: Technology inclusion

Smart offices impress everyone: the clients as well as prospective high-quality employees. Working in technologically superior suites with the best audio-visual equipment and extended reality presentation suites, supported by high-quality acoustics, is any office-goer’s dream. Workspace interiors with such facilities will be a hit. Such offices easily facilitate the ability of remote workers to be seen and heard properly. Such facilities automatically transform the worker's relationship with the organization.

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