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What are the Common Office Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2023


Commercial space interior design is a tricky area where clients get easily confused by newcomers in the interior design industry. For any business owner, they look for spaces where they can provide the employees with adequate facilities in order to enhance their productivity in return. So to avoid mistakes when spending a sufficient amount of money on the planning, design, and implementation of your office space, it is always better to consult an expert in the field. Thamvos Interiors, a leading interior design company in Dubai, can provide you with attractive and functional workspaces that are also comfortable. Here are some of the most common office interior design mistakes to avoid this year.

Do not choose boring colours 

If you are planning for a vibrant office space that can resonate with positive energy, then try avoiding boring or agitating colours. In fact, colours can affect the psychological well-being of your employee, proportionally affecting their mood and productivity. This is the reason why most modern office interior design includes energetic colours that represent the brand image as well as improve the mood of employees by motivating them. As an office fit-out consultancy, we always advise our customers to choose colours like blue and green. Since they have a low wavelength, they are calming in nature and will make your employees more calm.


Don't go for poor lighting

Poor lighting does affect the employees' mindset a lot. Workspace interiors should have enough lighting; otherwise, the people who work inside find it difficult to concentrate on their work. Moreover, there will be straining of the eyes, which will affect their productivity. When employees are exposed to dim light for a long period of time, they can also suffer from headaches, and fatigue, which deteriorate their mental and physical health. Your interior experts in Dubai will be dealing with this lighting problem. As a top interior consultation firm, we will make sure that your office will be well-lit along with natural lighting. 


Watch out for storage space shortages

When you think about commercial space interior design you must give importance to the storage spaces. In most cases, storage spaces come last on the list, but it is not a good idea to forget them completely. All the necessary documents and supplies must be properly organised and stored so that it doesn't lead to stress while the employees search for these documents. Moreover, storage spaces reduce clutter on table tops, which could affect your workforce’s focus and productivity. A modern corporate office interior design can suggest flexible storage options to stay organised. Having enough space for storage also means a lot of time is saved. Even for an office refurbishment, a storage space inclusion could create wonders.

Never neglect ergonomics 

Office fit-out solutions should give importance to the ergonomics of the furniture used. It is scientifically proven that when employees use ergonomically designed furniture, their productivity is boosted as never before. This is because they can work without much strain or injury while continuously doing their work. An interior fit-out company like Thamvos Interiors focuses on ergonomics, which can reduce the costs involved in your corporate office interior design. Investing in ergonomic furniture means investing for a long period of time. Your office ergonomics will affect your employees' performance altogether. In addition to that, when you prioritise ergonomics for your office space, you are giving priority to your employees.

Avoid the overlapping of private and collaborative spaces

Most corporate office interior designers consider this part more seriously. They know that it is vital for any space, even non-luxury office interiors, to have separate spaces for specific needs. Open office plans do help in the collaboration of employees, but it is better to have a balance of private and public spaces inside the office. There must be spaces where creativity and ideas can be discussed without disturbance. The services we provide for office fit-out in the UAE are unmatched, and you can always consult us for your interiors. As a top interior design consultant, we only provide the right solutions to our customers.

Don't underestimate the benefits of soundproofing

Different departments may or may not work together inside your office space. Whatever the case may be, reducing the noise inside the walls of your office is something that needs to be considered. At the time of your industrial interior design phase itself, you can notify your designer about soundproofing. This can be done in many ways. You can install a wooden door or go for some acoustic wall tiles to keep the noise away from the team so that they can work efficiently and calmly without disturbance. Even proper carpeting can reduce the noise from footsteps. We have office fit-out solutions for your workspace interiors in the UAE.

Say NO to uncomfortable seating

Even if your employees are so energetic and enthusiastic about their work, uncomfortable furniture, especially chairs, will make them less productive. This problem could be dealt with perfect furniture space planning in your Dubai office. Poorly designed office chairs can cause various health issues among the workforce. It sometimes even leads to aches and pains. The quality of work may also be affected, as uncomfortable seating makes it difficult to stay focused. When Thamvos Interiors does corporate office cabin interior design, we usually deal with such problems.

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