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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Finding the right professional for the maintenance and repair of ventilation and air conditioning systems is a difficult task. Especially when commercial or office spaces are considered, clean air is a crucial factor. Enclosing structures can affect the mental as well as physical health of the staff, making them less productive. AC Experts like Thamvos Interiors can resolve such problems related to air conditioning systems.

● Installation of an Air-conditioning Unit

Installing an air-conditioning unit is a big task. With qualified service from Thamvos Interiors, you can make sure that your ventilation and air conditioning systems perform well. We can offer you all kinds of installations, test runs, and air conditioning. Some of our installation services include central cooling systems, DX cooling systems, smoke and pressure extraction systems, central or individual ventilation or extraction systems, etc.

● AC Repair & Servicing Company

Timely repairs and maintenance of air-exchange equipment and ventilation systems are essential for any industry. If required, a complete replacement of the system must be done. But it is always better to maintain the systems in a timely manner for a prolonged equipment life. We make sure everything is thoroughly checked and all problems are handled carefully. We check for dents, inspect the fan, clean dirt, and control the noise level. Maintenance of automatic ventilation systems is also carried out efficiently.

● Professional Assistance and Maintenance

Once in a while, your air conditioning system needs to be checked and replaced with the proper parts. We can do performance checks and heat exchanger cleaning, check electronic control, cleaning and lubrication of machinery parts, or check and replace filters. All these services enhance the lifespan of your equipment. We can provide you with AC Mechanic Services by sending a special expert assessment team to your place. Our technicians can determine the cause of the problem and quickly handle it.

● Professionals in AC Repair and Service.

Our services are designed in such a way that our customers are able to be reassured about their air-conditioning, ventilation, and air filtration systems. Our dedicated and experienced specialists are able to maintain your air exchange equipment, making it work for many years. Each of your concerns is answered by our team of experts. Only a professional service technician can address your real problem by fixing everything in your air conditioning system.

● Improving Efficiency

The AC service and repair services provided by us can actually save energy. When there is no maintenance, your air conditioning performance will automatically decrease, using a lot of energy. Therefore, it is essential to carry out proper maintenance on time to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Moreover, proper maintenance can prevent the replacement of parts or the system as a whole. We guarantee professional service as we have years of experience in this area.