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Aluminium Composite

Aluminium Composite

Aluminium panels have taken over a place in most modern contemporary building structures due to their lightweight, durability, flexibility, and strength.Thamvos Interiors are aluminium composite panel experts who can provide you with high-quality ACP Works in Dubai. We use the best quality materials that can withstand fire and weather conditions, and that too, in a variety of textures, colours and metallic coatings.

● Aluminium Composite Panel Contractors

Most architects and interior designers prefer Aluminium Composite Panel, or ACP, as it is shortened, for surface cladding, interiors, and other applications. This kind of service is done for high-rise commercial buildings; column cladding and beam coverings; interior cladding and partitions; interior false ceilings; and unconventional structural shapes. With our expertise in the field, we are able to provide solutions to meet the exact demands of our customers.

● A Dynamic look to your Interiors.

As per your needs and demands, Thamvos Interiors can provide you with aluminium composite panel services which have a lasting impact for years. We focus on premium quality tools and pioneered techniques so that our clients get excellent services from us. Aluminium composite panels can be used for outdoor works like cladding, partition, and building exterior walls or for indoor works like ceiling decoration, dust prevention, purification, etc. It can give your interiors an amazing look, extending the lifespan of your interiors.

● ACP Interior Wall Panels.

An aluminium composite panel is used for interior walls as it is a material that is easy to process and form. It shortens the construction period and reduces costs for the customers as well as interior design companies. Thamvos Interiors delivers excellent results for each of our projects using aluminium composite panels, which are highly reliable. Moreover, it has many advantages over other materials, such as ease of work, durability & easy maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

● Deliver Exceptional Results.

All your interior application requirements are met by Thamvos Interiors, right from facial panels, column covers, furniture etc. The water and stain resistant materials we use make you invest in ACP sheet very little as compared to other companies. You interiors can look elegant and beautiful with our wide range of aluminium composite panels.

● Advanced Technology

In order to meet our client’s requirements, we are updated with the latest technology that is related to aluminium composite panel installation. Our talented team will find a way to meet your requirements in the simplest way possible. On-time delivery is our specialty, which makes us one of the top companies in the field. We are recognised for our responsibility and dedication that we show to our clients. From facade services to interior services, we do everything related to aluminium composite panels.