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False Ceiling

False Ceiling

Thamvos Interiorsis always successful in offering the best false ceilings and light partition installation services in Dubai. Different materials such as fibre, glass, gypsum, plaster, wooden, metal, etc are used for false ceilings. Without compromising quality, we offer the highest level of quality services for our clients. Our designer ceiling tiles can be used for acoustical insulation. We offer our services in and around Dubai, UAE, across various commercial and industrial sectors. With minimal disruption, we are able to provide the commercial false ceiling installation that your business needs.

● Experts in False Ceilings

As a leading interior design company in Dubai, we have a wide range of false ceiling materials from which our customers can choose. Gypsum sheets, glass, concrete, plaster slab, G.I. sheet, and wood are some of the choices we provide for our customers. Space division can be done accurately inside your workspace using false ceilings and wooden or metallic partitions. Our team of true professionals understands your requirements for false ceilings and partitions of the highest quality. Our ceiling solutions also include designer-finished false ceilings and dry-wall partitions.

● Create Intricate Designs

Most businesses nowadays adopt false ceiling services because of their versatility and visual appeal. It improves the beauty of your office room, giving it a surreal feel. It also helps with moisture resistance and fire safety. This roof below the main roof is perfect for creating intricate designs. Apart from design aesthetics, false ceilings can resist moisture, contribute to uniform lighting, thermal insulation, better soundproofing, and energy efficiency.

● Light Partitions for Aesthetic Purposes

Thamvos Interiors provides a wide variety of false ceiling and light partition installation services. If your office wall tear down, or you want to make a partition, or you need to install a false ceiling, we can provide solutions to such problems related to false ceiling and light partition. Whether it is stretched, suspended, or self-supporting, our false ceilings and light partitions are the best in the industry. The know-how of our craftsmen is what we have as an asset and it is the secret behind the successful projects we complete. As a false ceiling specialist, we only use high quality materials that match the demands of the customer.

● Customisation as Desired.

The ceiling tile solutions we provide are exceptional because we value our customers' requirements. They are allowed to choose from our huge list of materials which they think is suitable for their interiors. Of course, we do give suggestions regarding the materials and make you choose only the right one. If you are in search of creating a well-appointed and soundproofed space, then Thamvos Interiors is the answer.

● Comprehensive Solutions

We provide ceilings of various different sizes, textures, designs, and patterns. Our skilled workers are able to achieve best possible results. Installation of false ceilings is the best way to enhance your office room. The thermal and acoustic insulation are taken care of while you opt for our services. This is how we consistently achieve customer satisfaction.