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Mild Steel And Stainless Steel

Mild Steel And Stainless Steel

Thamvos Interiors provides high-quality mild steel and stainless steel design services. Mild steel is a type of steel alloy which is different from stainless steel. It has high amounts of carbon and chromium. Mild steel is used in pipes, nuts, bolts, magnets, cables, and wires. So this is an unavoidable material in the interior design industry. Our mild steel (MS) and stainless steel (SS) fabrication services are the best in the industry.

● Well-recognised Services

Our services are efficient as we use only the most updated technology supported by high-grade tools and equipment. Every specific interest of our customers is taken care of by our trained and experienced experts as they have a sound knowledge of their sphere of work. That is how we became well-recognized all over Dubai as mild steel and stainless steel suppliers. In terms of performance and quality, our services top the list of the best ones in and around Dubai.

● Services for Mild Steel

Steel is mainly used for construction, especially for light and heavy structural framing, as it is strong, hard and elastic. When this steel contains a small percentage of carbon, it is known as mild steel or soft steel. This type of steel has been in great demand over the past few years for various reasons, like exceptional weldability and machinability. Mild steel is used in the form of reinforcing bars, sheet piles, bolts, rivets, sheets, roof coverings etc. You can get cost-effective services from us without compromising quality.

● Services for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is widely used for making grills for windows, pipes, railings, etc. due to its high corrosion and heat resistance. Apart from its use, it gives a modern and attractive look to its applications. When you do stainless steel metal fabrication in your interiors, it can have a long-term value as stainless steel is durable. When compared to mild steel, it is a less expensive material too. Our experienced staff provide premium quality services that are ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.

● Furniture Manufacturing

Thamvos Interiors provides mild steel and stainless steel furniture manufacturing services in Dubai. We use quality materials and convert them into furniture with jaw-dropping designs. Stainless steel is in demand for interior design applications or architectural or furniture decor. Our deep-rooted competence in MS and SS Fabrication works providing a wide range of products has made us the leader in the industry.

● Expert Workforce

We have an expert workforce who makes use of advanced facilities to finish your work on time. We strive to meet the specifications required by our customers in terms of size, shape, raw material, and design. As a prominent and leading mild steel and stainless steel furniture manufacturer, we deal with all types of furniture requirements. As far as Thamvos Interiors is concerned, we always value our customers first by providing quality products and services.