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Plumbing And Sanitary

Plumbing And Sanitary

Thamvos Interiors, established as a plumbing and sanitation services company, focuses on providing high-quality services to our clients. We cover all commercial needs related to plumbing services, including installation, fixing, repairing, and maintenance. Some of our services include sanitary fixtures, leak detection & rectification, hot & cold water supply systems, Pex Piping System, etc.

● Contract Plumbing Services

Our high quality services are provided on time and guarantee a long working life, high functionality, and low maintenance. We have the best plumbing technicians in the industry who are well experienced in providing plumbing services all over Dubai. As plumbing contractors, we are accurate and punctual in troubleshooting the issues. Our 24 x 7 emergency assistance will resolve any issues related to plumbing. We fix the issues like plumbing, leak checking, water proofing, drainage blocks, water connection, leak proofing, testpiping etc that you are facing within less time.

● Sanitation Services

Thamvos Interiors is proud to offer services that cover all types of sanitation work dealing with sanitary discharge pipes and sanitary appliances. We can provide a perfect solution for all sanitary installation work that is required for your business to continue operating effectively. As a fully fledged plumbing and sanitation service company, we have a long history of experience. Our friendly technicians and staff have gained customer satisfaction over the years by solving their queries efficiently.

● Waterproofing Material Dealers

Our mission is to provide trustworthy services by adopting modern plumbing practices. We are waterproofing material dealers who incorporate the latest and most innovative methods into our services. The reliable customer service we offer makes us different from others in the industry. Our waterproofing services include cementitious waterproofing, liquid waterproofing membranes, bituminous membrane waterproofing, and polyurethane waterproofing. Your company can get a complete waterproofing solution with full safety and assurance from Thamvos Interiors.

● Maintenance Works

As plumbing and sanitation experts, we protect your interiors from external damage. Whether it is plumbing or sanitation, we install, repair, and maintain everything. With the touch of our experts, water pipes, tanks, taps and other fittings will continue to work as before. We are waterproofing contractors who can serve your commercial needs related to plumbing and sanitary services. Everything can be maintained and repaired by our experts within no time.

● Timely Services

There is a need for timely intervention when repairs and maintenance are considered. Such emergencies should be resolved immediately, even if they seem minor. As the proverb ‘a stitch on time saves nine’ says, an action on time can save you money and time. Plumbing and sanitation, if not done on time, can create major issues later on. So it is always better to consult a professional like us. As plumbing and sanitary contractors, we fix things till there is no complaint left.