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Thamvos Interiors is workplace designers who support your business to create bespoke office designs. It is very important to get the office design plan right from the beginning itself, as it will affect the overall impression of your business. We are an experienced, forward-thinking company that offers a full range of design services that bring life to your interiors. We specialise in modern office designs that are suitable for small as well as large organisations making your team visible to your audience.

● Designs for Modern Offices

A modern-looking office is a reward for staff. It creates an excellent impression of the brand among its customers. This positive change is one of the most transformational events you can bring to your brand. Your interiors should be aligned with the business. It can even use your brand colours. If you are able to create a unique, trendy, and visually arresting workplace interior design, then you have built an enticing piece of work.

● Creative Break-out Spaces

Most modern office designs contain break-out spaces, which offer creative freedom to the employees. It may not always be a space for chilling out and eating lunch. A great break-out space allows employees to think and act productively. Moreover, it can be space away from the office environment but within the workplace, allowing their creativity to flourish. A break-out space is the best example of an office partition design.

● Office Layout Planning

An open space that is noiseless is the foundational element of an office layout design. Different types of space designs can be adopted according to the mission and vision of the brand. Even noise-friendly flooring solutions could be incorporated into the latest office designs. Based on the work, certain teams can be put together as they could be made engaged and productive.

● Committed Space Planners

Interior design firms like us create spaces that are physical, aesthetic, and emotional. An office interior can affect your business performance if not planned and implemented properly. Your space should be convenient, comfortable, and suited to your business needs. Office space designs should always be in line with the brand’s motto. Even the decor used should be aligned with the whole theme and produce a perfect image of the brand.

● Facilities for Productivity

When considering office concept design, you should add dedicated facilities that can boost employee productivity. These can be anything from a manager's cabin to a sound-proof media room. You can bring your ideas and create tailored spaces to serve the needs of your business. Technical rooms, or closed-circuit internet facilities, are also a part of the office design.