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Thamvos Interiors is an interior design company that provides interior solutions for every commercial space. We are proud to provide versatile and exceptional office workspaces for our clients. We also provide luxury interior design and fit out services, along with office furniture like workstations, desks, and office chairs. Our tailored workplace settings are suitable for every organization. If you are in search of world-class interior furniture supply solutions, then Thamvos Interiors, which is a market leader among the fit out companies, is the final answer. For office interior design consultancy too, you can approach us.

● Joinery :

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When considering furniture joinery services for your office interiors, you must first understand the difference between joinery and carpentry. While carpentry is frequently performed on-site on a smaller scale, joinery is typically performed on a bigger scale in a dedicated workshop. In addition, joinery is used for larger installations like door and window frames, whereas carpentry is used for fixtures. As a leading furniture joinery company, we have several years of experience and have performed the highest standards of work. Thamvos is able to complete a vast array of office cabinets and joinery work with client satisfaction at the top of our agenda. We provide you with furniture work and joinery services, and we do so at a fair price while maintaining a high standard of work. We can supply you with a fully bespoke office furniture service that matches your requirements.

● Carpentry and Flooring :

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The style of your commercial space can be completely changed to an entire new look with a carpentry and flooring service provider like Thamvos Interiors. Our skilled professionals can handle everything, whether it be your new set of doors or the hard flooring that gives your office a classic look. Our carpentry and flooring services can make your office space look bigger. That is why we are leaders in the market who provide the best services at an affordable price. Our years of experience in the field have made us experts in dealing with all types of building materials, including tiles, ceramic, marble, stone, timber, and wood. Our skilled carpenters and flooring professionals can do anything related to cabinets and wardrobes, ceramic floors, doors and windows. We ensure that the high-quality products we source not only meet your expectations but completely fill them.

● Wood | MDF:

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Thamvos Interiors is a wood and MDF agency that can provide you with traditional and modern interior designs. We provide wood work services based on the type of decor required by each organization. Our speciality in supplying the best quality wood and MDF has made us the best brand in the market. We have a list of skilled craftsmen who can exquisitely design anything from a wood. Thamvos Interiors has gained the reputation and trust of our clients because we follow international standards to ensure the efficiency of wood used. Our wood-based services are applicable to not only office interiors but also to any commercial space that needs to be modified into a new one.