We are a market leader in
Office-refurbishment services around the world.



Thamvos Interiors is one of the best office refurbishment companies in Dubai, UAE. Transforming spaces into a highly cost-efficient workplace is a challenging task. Because workplace quality directly relates to employee behavior, which leads to great business results. We are eager to take every step for your office space, from concept design to furnishing.

● Converting to Contemporary Offices

As a commercial office refurbishment specialist, we are able to refurbish your workspace so that it can attract the attention of customers as well as employees. Every workplace must be healthy and safe in order to keep its people safe and productive. When a current space is revitalised, it will not disrupt the business. It can reduce costs along with enhancing company culture. Your office space will get a new, refreshed, reformed, and contemporary look through refurbishment.

● A Lively and New Environment

When you give your office workspace a new look, it acts as a symbol of freshness and liveliness. Our office refurbishment services can do wonders for your whole team, ultimately increasing your company’s growth rate. Our management approach to every project we undertake will make you realise the depth of knowledge and expertise we have in this field. At Thamvos Interiors, we maintain long-term relationships with our customers, which enables us to deliver long-lasting results.

● Precise Planning and Implementation

Every office interior refurbishment starts with developing concepts and ends up in solutions. Our team of experts can create wonders inside your office space, making the whole process smooth and cost-effective. Precise planning and scheduling make us a well-established refurbishment company who has the capability to perform better. Any commercial or office space can be refurbished by an industry-experienced player like Thamvos.

● Skilled Workmanship

We are one of the best office fit-out companies that do refurbishment also. Small or large, our skilled team of professionals is capable of satisfying clients. Our office refurbishment services are actually a combination of expertise and applied research. Your clients or employees will create a positive impression of your business as a refurbished space will be fresh, positive, and more professional.

● State-of-the-art Technologies

We are able to deliver amazing results because of the state-of-the-art technologies we use. Your employees and customers need a creative office space with comfortable furniture and usable facilities. The whole aesthetics of the office interiors do have a huge impact on the employees' performance. Each and every piece of furniture used must reflect your brand perfectly. An office refurbishment for your business can gain your customers' trust.