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Sustainable offices are environmentally friendly offices that create functional spaces that are cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient. Sustainable design can be described as a responsible design that facilitates the responsible reuse and redistribution of material assets. Thamvos Interiors provides a wide range of sustainable workplace services which can maximise your assets' value and have a positive impact on the environment.

● Sustainable Architecture and Interior Design

In sustainable architecture and interior design, innovative designs that include sustainable materials, recycling, and repurposing are incorporated. These designs can increase the well-being of your workforce and improve the overall quality of the work environment. Many organisations who claim to know about sustainable interiors actually have minimal knowledge of its implementation. But Thamvos Interiors specialises in sustainable workplace services and we have been successfully delivering such designs over the years.

● Interiors that Save Energy

Susutainability can be incorporated into each and every design you adopt. Including high-efficiency systems can have a lower environmental impact by minimising the wastage. For an eco-friendly office, you must be keen on implementing changes to the basic elements like energy, light, air, water, materials and furniture. You can even include window size, LED lighting, low-flow faucets, etc. to the sustainable interior list. Reducing overall energy consumption and taking advantage of natural light are some of the best sustainable approaches.

● Environmentally Friendly Offices

Air quality in the workplace plays a major role in the mental health of employees. To attain this, the space must be designed right and implemented in the correct way. An expert sustainable interior designer like us will include low-emission materials, paints, furniture, and equipment for your interiors. Indoor plants are also a part of sustainable office designs. The materials that are used also contribute greatly to green designs. A perfect example is water-saving devices such as low-flow and sensor faucets.

● Circular Workplace Solutions

Thamvos Interiors focuses on circular workplace solutions which make use of non-toxic, eco-friendly, recycled, recyclable, renewable, durable and/or repurposed materials. This is how we contribute to the circular economy by making the most of resources. We keep products in use and reuse materials wherever possible to improve your workplace. As a leading interior design firm, we know the challenges that we have to encounter while implementing the sustainability agenda.

● Designs that Last

Our sustainable designs can last for a long time. We provide our clients with sustainable office solutions that give high performance, increasing employee performance and job satisfaction. Office interiors with non-toxic, durable materials can go a long way instead of the normal materials we use. In a way, choosing modular furniture for your office space can also contribute to sustainability. Investing in refurbished furniture is also a great way of implementing the circular economy.