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4 Inspiring Commercial Wallcoverings For Your Office


Workspace interior design experts are of the firm belief that your office is always a place of work first. In addition to that, office interior design should be one that inspires creativity, improves productivity and encourages teamwork. If you have been contemplating a new office interior design in Dubai, given below are a few ideas that will make your workplace a fun-filled environment.

Accent walls


A quick way, and an affordable one too, to liven up creative office design is to have an accent wall. It could be just a bold colour on the chosen wall, placing a bright mural or an oversized logo. These would make a statement. Choosing the space for the accent wall would be best with advice from workspace designing experts. The wall has to be visible to many employees. The offices sporting the best interior solutions usually choose the hallway, lobby or conference room to have the accent wall. 



Ombre techniques are used by the best office interior designing agencies in their painting projects for commercial spaces. Though commonly used for home interior solutions, this stylish paint technique can work in the office for a quick paint project. For the effect to be unique, using a sideways ombre when going down a hallway to the office is a good idea. Traditionally, ombre is a technique used by office design solutions & services experts to make the commercial office look bigger by tricking the eye into seeing more space than there is.


Colour washing

Colour washing is a technique that an interior design company would opt for to create a faux finish having depth and texture within a single colour. The colour is thinned out and further used in layers and this ends up with a vintage look on the painted wall. An architecture and corporate office interior designer would see this as a perfect method to incorporate a company’s colour within the walls of the office without actually painting out the logo on the wall.

Write-on walls

In case you decide to pass on the office painting project to the employees, pass your office paint project on and let your employees do the decorating. They, together, will make the wall a work of pure art for your commercial interiors. Both the black and the whiteboards can now be painted surfaces. However, they will need several coats of paint and maybe a pricier option. It is good to keep this point in mind when opting for office interior design in Dubai.


Other office wall design ideas


Using wallpaper


Wallpapers used to cover every inch of the walls, both in homes and offices up till the early 90s. However, since then they have lost this share to painted walls. Professionals engaged in office maintenance in Dubai are claiming that it is making a comeback, more so in commercial spaces. 


Office interior services are now using commercial wallpaper and have been able to transform mundane commercial spaces into stimulating creative zones. Wallpapers add pops of colour and can be selectively used to infuse more personality into office interiors and stores, cafes, and other commercial spaces.


Today’s wallpaper is easy to use and not like the old ones. They are made of highly durable low-maintenance materials. You can choose wallpaper with an array of patterns or designs to suit your office space. They are also made to be environmentally friendly, and this ticks with office architecture consultants who promote sustainable office interior design.


Different styles of wallpaper are used by design and re-fit office furniture consultants for different effects. Some of them are listed below:


Textured wallpaper can be used to create the illusion of a larger space or an immersive atmosphere. In addition to adding depth and dimension, textured wallpaper adds greater visual interest to walls. Textured wallpaper is designed to mimic fabrics, metallic surfaces, riveted metals, faux exposed brick, gloss and semi-gloss finish, etc., bringing more vibrancy to the walls and interiors.


Nature-inspired wallpaper depicting bold florals, large-scale landscapes, oversized leaves, and forest walkways adds calm and peace to the office environment. They are a perfect fit for lobbies and hallways and anywhere else where they can make the employees feel productive, happy and relaxed.


Graphic wallpaper designs include geometric/damask patterns and abstract catchy designs. You can even ask the workspace interior design experts to install graffiti-inspired designed wallpaper. This would be the best for the cafeteria or the brainstorming rooms. 


Vintage wallpaper is designed specifically to transport the onlookers to another day and age. From prehistoric to retro-designs, they could be even the mid-century historically inspired pictures. They can be as warm and colourful as they are intended to be. 


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