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6 Interior Design Tips to Improve your Team’s Productivity


If you are running a business in Dubai, you have probably realized that people spend a major part of their lives at their workplaces. You also know that your office interiors have the power to make or break your business.

However, it is also true that your office interior design affects the mood and health of your office team. In this article, we attempt to bring to your attention 6 interior design tips for your office that could improve your team’s productivity, health, and happiness. As a result of the above, the performance is sure to improve.

Tip #1: Design your office interiors for business needs

You can design your office in two ways: for the customer and for yourself. If your business is one where only you and your team are present and no customers are walking in, design your office in a way that it feels like home. Get in touch with our workspace interior design expert for this.

However, if your office is one for customers, your office interior design should be one that impresses them positively when they walk in.

Generally, you tend to behave in a manner that your environment dictates. You tend to sit down if you find chairs. If you want a meeting space for people, you have to place a table. These are practical workspace design solutions that meet your business needs. You can put up photos with information if you want to drive engagement.

Tip #2: Your workplace has to be functional

Productivity is likely to suffer if the interiors of an office do not support the work requirements of the people inside or the workflows. Cubicles can make people feel isolated and affect productivity and happiness levels. It can also hinder collaboration.

However, the senior personnel in the office are likely happier with cubicles where they can carry on with work in an undisturbed manner.

You can get in touch with a reputed architect and a corporate office interior designer to give you the best solutions for this.

Tip #3: Give weightage to the visual and acoustic privacy

These are two important elements to consider during your office interior design exercise. A distracting environment where everyone else can be seen or where every conversation can be heard breeds low productivity.

Acoustic muffler material can be laid on the walls and ceilings. Erecting cubicles or rooms wherever required takes care of visual privacy issues. Most offices opt for partial-height acoustic partitions. An expert office interior consultant may advise placing carpets on the floor to take care of noise absorption over a large area.

Tip #4: Choose the right colors to boost productivity

Different colours make us feel differently. It is critical to hire office interior design Dubai consultants to assist you in determining the best colours for various areas of your office.They will help you pick the right colours based on your goals.

Whereas tones of yellow help you boost productivity, blues and greens tend to calm you. However, too many neutral shades can dull your productivity. The main work area and carpets are most functional in neutral shades. Bright colours can be used in places where the employees gather informally, such as lounging or fun areas.

 Also, get your interior design consultant to suggest colours that can be easily changed with the least expenditure. If one colour does not work as it should, you could change to one that does. Office design solutions and services experts will be readily able to help you with this and more.

Tip #5: Revamp the office with new lighting and furniture

If your office is old-fashioned, you can always get it renewed and incorporate changes that suit modern office design. You can design and re-fit office furniture and change office interior layouts and colours with help from expert interior design services companies.

Furniture has come a long way, and the way the pieces are constructed and laid out has changed immensely. Using ergonomic and functional pieces is part of creative office design.

Lighting has evolved considerably, and LED lighting is used in most offices to provide comfortable lighting. Lighting has a reasonable impact on office productivity, and it is best to start lighting design in office areas that have a gathering of people during free hours, such as lunch areas, verandahs, and lounges. Such meeting places may serve to increase your office productivity due to positive vibes and collaboration.

Tip #6: Include some plants as part of your interior

Nothing is more soothing in an office than getting to see some greenery in your office space. Companies involved in office maintenance in Dubai and office interior services companies would offer contracts for changing the floors periodically. The employees can even bring their plants.

To decorate your offices, you can use small potted succulents or large foliage plants. In addition to keeping your space beautiful, they would surely make up for some fresh air too, which keeps your brains and bodies from becoming tired and improves your team’s productivity.

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