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7 Ways To Revamp Your Co-working Office Space


The green movements taking place across different continents have brought forth many benefits to everyone. In order to lower carbon footprints and lead more sustainable lifestyles, it is important to consider all aspects of our life, including office design. There are more sustainable-office services companies that help to improve your office spaces to make them more energy-efficient and sustainable as well. In this blog post, we are going to present some interesting ideas about energy-efficient office design. 


#1: Efficient lighting


Today’s sustainable architecture and interior design firms in Dubai recommend that modern coworking office spaces have to be well illuminated to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency from employees. However, you should also care to not make your office space too bright. Spaces that are bright can have many negative side effects just like dim spaces. And a huge amount of energy is wasted, hiking up your utility expenses. Also, your employees would be working in an environment that’s not very comfortable. 


Interior design firms are wary of this factor and design the illumination to be optimum in your office space. They can install smart lights that automatically go off when there are no occupants in that part of the building, thus saving energy and expense. Bathrooms, corridors, break rooms, etc., are fitted with lights that incorporate motion sensors. They remain on as long as someone is in the room. 


#2: Good air quality


Sustainable offices design consultants in Dubai ensure that the air quality in your office space is at the correct and desired level. For this, install a high-quality HVAC system. Choose an energy-efficient AC system so that you do not waste more energy than required. 


Encourage your employees to air out their offices whenever possible. This will reduce the need for artificial air conditioning and will improve the quality of indoor air without any additional expenditure. As part of modern office interior design, consider designing your coworking office space with potted plants placed at the right spots. This feature not only helps the space to look great but will improve the air quality as plants are known to have air-purifying properties. 


#3: Use VOIP phone service


To reap the benefits of digitization, we have to move with the times. One step that you can take is to switch over to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. This transition helps businesses to fully optimise their operations and lowers the negative impact on the environment. Some premium VoIP solutions available today provide users with the chance to alter their phone service needs to fit their business requirements perfectly. Because of this, businesses get a chance to considerably reduce unnecessary hardware and drastically reduce the use of paper. This is strongly recommended by eco-friendly office designers


#4: Solar power solutions


You have to engage eco-friendly office design services if you want to make sure that your coworking office space is energy-efficient. That is, your carbon footprint is considerably reduced and has little or no negative impact on the environment. For this, it is a good idea to consider implementing solar power energy solutions for sustainable office space interiors in Dubai. If your business is located in Dubai, which typically experiences many sunny days in a year, you can surely benefit from going solar. 


#5: Stellar office design


A sustainable interior design firm in the UAE would create an office design for you that would also help to cut costs in addition to looking good. Today, employees and customers would find eco-conscious businesses more appealing than others that do not display concern for the environment. 


Boosting your office’s appearance and interiors by opting for sustainable materials creates a better impression in the minds of your potential customers. This may get you more loyal customers that you otherwise would.


#6: Perfect fit furniture


Sustainable furniture is in. Any sustainable interior design firm in the UAE will select furniture that is sustainable for your office space. As an example, office fitout solutions may recommend that you choose high-quality wood furniture, also well crafted, so that you can avoid replacing them frequently. Moreover, it is best you buy furniture that can be easily relocated in case you move offices. 


#7: Exteriors are important too


Office exteriors play a major role in influencing \ how sustainable your office building is. A well-maintained green landscape around your office building may help you cut down the amount of air conditioning for the office interiors. Furthermore, you can provide different insects with food and shelter by choosing appropriate plants.


Employees will love to enjoy their break time in an outdoor lounging area close to nature. You can get good lounge areas from a sustainable office space interior designer in Dubai.


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