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What are the Sustainable Office Designs to Adopt in 2023


Recent studies by researchers who favor green buildings have shown that the benefits of using green buildings far exceed the benefits of just reduced energy use. The benefits of “green” spaces and energy-efficient office design are becoming more obvious than ever, in terms of increased productivity and well-being of the employees and reduced operating costs.

Buildings consume up to 40% of primary energy production anywhere in the world. Therefore, any cuts in energy consumption, however little, can have a massive impact on carbon emissions cited to be the main source of climate change. 

The UAE is now changing its energy consumption patterns to promote environmental sustainability patterns over all the emirates. This is being adapted extensively in the commercial and residential space sector. Sustainable architecture and interior design is the keyword among interior designers in Dubai. Let us now see how eco-friendly office designers are creating sustainable office space interiors in Dubai.

An eco-friendly interior fitout company providing sustainable-offices services would focus on creating safe and healthy environments in which people can work. For this several elements have to come into play including flexible work areas, managing air quality and temperatures, efficient use of energy and proper waste disposal methods. 

#1: Office fitout solutions using healthy materials

It is important to choose the right materials for creating green office fitout solutions. Many artificial materials are being created today that offer more environmental safety when compared to natural materials. One example is ‘green concrete’ used for new constructions. They lead to low energy costs, are highly durable, and require little maintenance. Carbon fibre is used for many applications because it is about 90% lighter than steel, and is one greener alternative.

 #2: Managed water consumption by - using less and reusing more

The UAE has among the highest global water consumption levels because of a high standard of living and the prevalent climate of the region. Also, the UAE has no natural supply of fresh water and potable water is supplied via complex desalination, which is also expensive. Therefore, the careful use of the available water and its reuse is imperative. 

Some methods that interior design firms use to reduce the consumption of potable water and the generation of wastewater include the use of the following: 

  • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures

  • Automatic fixture sensors

  • Metering controls

  • Occupant sensors

  • Low consumption fixtures in sinks/showers

  • Dual flush water closet

  • Flow restrictors

  • Reduced flow aerators in toilets

  • Ultra-low flush urinals

#3: Energy efficiency

Any sustainable office space interior designer in Dubai knows that Dubai accounts for the highest per capita consumption of energy in the world. It is also true that large temperature differences between the interiors and exteriors in the local climate allow for a large recovery of energy that is otherwise wasted. For this, several methods, such as grey water heat recovery systems, exhaust air energy recovery systems, and cogeneration are being adopted. 

 #4: Smart lighting management systems

An important feature of eco-friendly office design services is the installation of sustainable interiors that are energy efficient to improve the office environment. Green offices make maximum use of natural lighting as this is known to beneficially impact employees and helps to improve productivity. 

 Some of these techniques used to improve natural lightning are the use of:

  • Sloped ceilings

  • Skylights

  • Solar harvesting

  • Reflective surfaces/shading to cut out the glare

  • Light shelves

Some of the methods that Sustainable-offices design consultants in Dubai currently use for cutting down on electricity consumption are:

  • Placing sensors/motion detectors for automatic lighting control

  • Photo Sensors that detect when artificial lighting is required

  • Timers to switch off lights during weekends and closed office hours

  • Energy-saving methods such as the use of LED, high-efficiency fluorescent lights

  • Zoned energy controls for management of low occupancy areas 

#5: Waste management

Any Sustainable interior design firm in the UAE provides office fitouts with extensive waste management systems. Sustainable office consultants also ensure that they help to integrate office waste practices into the system of the entire building in which they are located. This involves proper separation of the waste at the source to encourage recycling and proper transportation of this waste.

#6.  Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a significant factor when considering human well-being. Some factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality are:

  • Emissions from buildings and decorating materials such as flooring and paints

  • Emissions from office/technical equipment

  • Ventilation practices 

  • Building cleaning practices 

  • Cleaning products

Companies offering sustainable-office consultancy in Dubai nowadays install automatic sensors to adjust humidity and ventilation and temperature, and also teach how to frequently clean and maintain HVAC equipment. They appropriately use air inlets and exhaust fans to bring down emissions. 

 Companies offering sustainable office space interiors design in Dubai improve indoor air quality can be accomplished by:

  • Integrating plants into the interiors of the office space

  • Selecting low-emission paints and coatings, furniture, flooring materials, and equipment

  • Ensuring fresh air inflow through the windows/ventilation system

  • Keeping high-emission office equipment in separate spaces

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